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[Announcement]Avolition Empty
PostSubject: [Announcement]Avolition   [Announcement]Avolition I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 4:54 pm

As we should already know .

Team " Avolition " ( Avo ) had been suspected of grieving our servers recently .
as a step or *PreCaution* please keep a look out for these griefers . Not only for our gaming committee , but also for you'r own creation . You can protect you'r region by creating a faction and claiming land , that way only members of the faction are allowed to build within this region .

We will be providing a reward to the reportee . We will hand out [10]Diamonds for each successful ban . The ban must be reasonable with proof ( screenshots "F2" or by video ) .

Format should be as follows:

[Your MC name]
[Reason For Reporting]
[Reported Player's name]

We urge you to post in the report section as if the report is filed anywhere else it will not be entertained . Best regards .

"Have a fun day @ Logic-Craft"

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