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 [News] Update #1

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[News] Update #1 Empty
PostSubject: [News] Update #1   [News] Update #1 I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 09, 2011 12:14 pm

What's new .

We have had our very first map reset . Haxious has gathered groups of members that are going to help us build our server again . They have been given [Lord] or OP .

P.S. - All member's rank will be removed after the build . For exceptional cases only the player will be rewarded with the [Hero] Rank or [Peon+] .

At this moment the server is being whitelisted till the build is expected to complete . If it has yet to be completed by 10-12-2011 , 2PM ( GMT +8 ) . We will have to erase you'r work an replace it with our pre-made 1.7_3 world which we are going to convert . You are to note that during this server build mineshafter authentication system has been disabled , but will be re-enabled once the build is complete , players are also required to note that the server rules will still remain as it is .

My Apologies , to those members whom plays on our server but has not been chosen to be on the Whitelist for this build , you are welcomed to contact the staff if you have any enquiries to this issue . But for the mean time we are just going to keep the server on Whitelist .

Server Plugin Update

Residence and LWC has been implemented buy only availible for ranks [Peon+] and above .

Rank Update

The requirements for [Peon+]

- Register on the forums
- 0 or Positive Reputation
- 30 Forums Post
- 50 Forum Points
- Been on our server for more than 7 days ( Starting from
The day you register on our forums and log
Into our server )

The Requirements for [Hero]

- Player needs [Peon+] rank to proceed to [Hero].
- Player need good relationships to other players in-game , or is elected by a certain number of players and is approves by either [Emperor] , [RegionMaster] , [HighCouncil]

The Requirements for [Lord]

- Player needs [Hero] Rank to proceed to [Lord].
- Player requires a kingdom ( faction ) .
- Player has to be approved by [Emperor] , [RegionMaster] , [HighCouncil]


That is all for today .
News Update #1 ( 9-12-2011 )

As usual we are avalible for discussion of this matter . Please visit our contact's page (http://logic-craft.forumotion.com/t30-informationcontact-the-staff) for more information regarding this issue .

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[News] Update #1
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